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Five years ago,Dr. Shybut performed meniscus surgery on my knee . I have waited for some discomfort to return, but it never has !! AND.. I'm 81 years old !! Dr. Shybut is simply the best !

- Victor G

I saw three other surgeons before choosing Dr. Shybut. They each said that I needed a total shoulder replacement surgery. And I staggered for nine months over it. Till the moment I walked into Dr. Shybut’s office, a sports orthopedic surgeon, and here I am in my 70’s…and I immediately decided he would be the surgeon for me.
Dr. Shybut is a stellar orthopedic surgeon who consistently demonstrates his knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. He answered my questions with compassion and kindness. He was easy to talk to, explained everything, and took time to put me at ease, and I knew I was in excellent hands. He works with a great team – in the office, in surgery, and I was surprised I had no need for the prescribed pain killers after the surgery! I cannot say enough good things about the excellent response of his staff Keesha and Leah, who were very supportive of my needs. I am still in physical therapy, but I have high confidence that I will be totally back in the swing of things.
I highly recommend Dr Shybut.

- Aban R

It's been three years since Dr. Shybut operated on my knee.. Was expecting pain to return but it never did! I'm also enjoying more mobility than ever ! And I'm 81 years old !
I have nothing but the deepest praise for Dr. Shybut and his staff !

- Victor G

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Simply the most intelligent and skilled orthopedic surgeon ever!!!

- Karen KF

I’m a 35-year-old recreational athlete who came to Dr. Shybut with a torn meniscus from several years prior. Based on my experience, I whole-heartedly recommend him for orthopedic surgery. Most importantly, my meniscus repair operation was a success that exceeded my expectations. Not only did the repair work—I no longer have pain or laxity—but my recovery was much faster than I anticipated (based on the experience of friends who underwent similar operations). Thanks to Dr. Shybut’s skill as a surgeon, I have now resumed doing the activities I love. Additionally, he, Keshia, Jonathan, and the rest of the team were always friendly and helpful. I am immensely grateful for the excellent, professional care they provided.

- Callison A

Excellent surgeon.

- Erin S

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I am 1 yr out from Shoulder surgery. Dr Shybut is an amazing surgeon. His staff is very attentive and knowledgeable. I have 99 - 100 % of my range of motion back. At my first appointment, Dr. Shybut took the time to evaluate my need for surgery based upon my lifestyle. He asked about how active my lifestyle was in order to assess if I even needed surgery. I did a lot of research to find the right surgeon. I was willing to drive 5 hours for appointments and surgery. I am glad I did! Thank you Dr Shybut.

- James W

Great listener! His staff was awesome. Very knowledgeable and straight to the point. BEST SHOT I HAVE EVER HAD! No pain considering it was directly in the elbow. He gave me many options which I was completely unaware of. Love this Dr and will definitely refer my friends.

- Kelly W

Dr. Shybut took charge in the diagnosis and treatment of my knee injury in a highly professional yet personable manner. I went in there expecting the worst however he provided realistic expectations and gave me the choice to avoid surgery by following therapy, rest and a self training program. I was back playing sports in two months.

- Art R

He is not only an excellent surgeon but he also takes his time, explains things clearly, and makes you feel comfortable. He takes the time to understand what your future expectations and goals are and tailors the ultimate repairs for every situation.

- Derek A

I came to Dr. Shybut with a torn ACL in January of 2017. From the first appointment, he was very attentive and informative. I got my surgery a couple of weeks after my first appointment, and things went very smoothly. He is a great surgeon. He came and talked to me while I was in surgery prep, and settled my nerves. He obviously knows exactly what he's doing, but takes time to answer any of your questions (no matter how small), which I think is really important. Not to mention, my scars are minimal. I've had follow up appointments over the last year, and every time he's been open to my questions, and very informative of what I need to do to make the best progress. Today was my last follow-up, and I should be good to go! I commend him and his entire staff for their friendliness, timeliness, and helpfulness. If you choose Dr. Shybut for your orthopedic issues and/or surgery, you won't be disappointed.

- Erica A

Sharp and attentive. I had surgery on one of my knees with Dr Shybut and I am impressed with the care that I received from his team and anesthesiologist.

- Fadya B

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I was very apprehensive about seeing an orthopedist. The pain in my shoulder was intense. Dr. Shybut and his office personnel were very caring and considerate. I felt at ease immediately. I would definitely recommend Dr. Theodore Shybut. He is thorough and knowledgeable.

After searching for doctors to treat my leg, I decided to choose Dr. Shybut as my sports medicine surgeon. I went in with a ruptured ACL and a torn medial meniscus. The surgery itself took longer than expected due to a special circumstance in my knee however Dr. Shybut continued to work past the 4 hour mark to make sure everything was done right in his power. He is great with his patients, the staff if very helpful, and he gives his patients the best opportunities to recover as best as they can. I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking any kind of knee surgery. Although he may be younger, he is very knowledgable and helpful.

Dr was on time. X-rays took 5 min using digital. Good physical exam to explore the pain issue. Good review and discussion of options and escalation order

I was very pleased with the promptness. I had X-rays and the doctor came in to see me and it was time for my appointment. In other words, they called me in before my appointment time. The Doctor took time to discuss my X-rays and reviewed the report from my doctor in my previous city. It was so reassuring to me to find such a wonderful doctor upon my move to Houston. He gave me an injection in my shoulder and assured me I should come back to see him in three to four months if I had pain.

Staff - Exceptional service from initial phone call through exiting building after my visit - Provided helpful map and detailed instructions prior to visit - *Everyone* was friendly, in a sincere not forced way (I'm hypersensitive regarding faux courtesy): the woman who directed me on the ground floor when I clearly looked lost; the woman who checked me in when the woman at the correct desk was busy; the man gently guiding me through my x-rays. Everyone. - Timely, never waited for more than a couple of minutes between steps even though I arrived rather early - Efficient but not rushed - Provided a letter from Dr. Shybut with links to reputable medical resources (nice because I am always skeptical of my own search results) Doctor Shybut - Good handshake and warm greeting - Timely, again <2 minute wait - Efficient but not rushed - Pleasant and attentive - Compassionate and shared experiences indicating he could personally relate to my injury and situation. Made me feel like he was taking my desires/goals into consideration with his recovery plan. - Indicated that I could come back in again before my race if I felt the need

This physician was not only prompt and caring, but demonstrated exceptional expertise, assessment, evaluation and Tx. Most highly recommended by me !

I have been completely satisfied with my care from Dr. Shybut. I am thankful for his wisdom and expertise in helping me recover from severe shoulder pain due to a torn rotator cuff and separated long bicep tendon. I have comepletely recovered since my surgery.

My overall experience was great. I was very satisfied with everything. I would definitely recommend Dr. Shybut to other people. I'd be glad to. If I was to have any other accident I would surely go back to Dr. Shybut.

He spent a lot of time with me and really listened to my problem. He was a college athlete so I felt confident with him treatment plan for my sports injury.


He is a very thorough and caring doctor. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needed a specialty as his.

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A great doctor; the wait in the treatment room was a little long.

- Jackie A

They were quick, thorough and were able to get x-rays with results on the same trip. I was able to leave the Dr.'s office with a diagnosis and a treatment within an hour.

- Kevin K

Saw Dr. Shybut for a second opinion on a shoulder injury. He spent a great deal of time listening to my description of the symptoms. He reviewed the previous MRI, and offered a very detailed explanation of what he thought the problem was. I was extremely impressed with the amount of time he took explaining everything, and was happy with the treatment plan he prescribed. Very thorough physical examination as well. Will stick with him over previous physician seen.

- Chris P

Great Doctor! Friendly, knowledgeable, and patient in explaining all the details of my injuries and is willing to listen to all my concerns. I would recommend Dr Shybut to everyone, but not at this office. If the nurse was friendlier and less edgy(specifically defensive), that would give me the push to recommending this office to everyone.

- Yiping L

I have visited a LOT of doctors in various cities over the years. I was very impressed with the over-all professionalism of the entire office staff! Dr. Shybut was very knowledgeable and understanding of various treatment options and found one perfect for me! I thought that he explained things well, answered questions with respect and made me feel as though I was going to be his only patient that day. Truly a great experience!

- Timothy W

It was great to have a caring and knowledgeable person ready to check me up so fast and easy :)

I thought that Dr. Shybut was very nice and very mannerable as well as knowledgeable of explaining what he thought was going on with me, for my reasons of being there in the first place. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.

Going into the appointment, I already knew my expected outcome, but still wanted a professional opinion anyway. The staff and Dr. Shybut were excellent at Baylor Medical Clinic. Everyone was very nice and extremely helpful.

- Lindsey B

Great dr highly recommend

- Zainab A

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